Biorocks Vitrification System

The Future of Embryo Preservation


The World's First Fully Automatic Vitrification Freezing System Automatically Complete The Vitrification Freezing & Thawing Of Embryos/Oocytes


Experience the Future of Embryo Preservation Technology


       Introducing the Biorocks Vitrification System: the world's pioneering fully automated embryo and oocyte vitrification and thawing solution. In the past, vitrification was seen as an indispensable yet intricate stage of embryo preservation. This delicate process demanded meticulous manual methods, confined solely to specialized embryology labs. Indeed, the skill level of the embryologists directly dictated the success rate of the freezing process.

        Enter the Biorocks Vitrification System – reshaping the landscape of vitrification. By fully automating the nuanced steps of vitrification and thawing, we've distilled the process to a singular, straightforward step. Gone are the days of requiring embryologists, microscopes, or laborious manual techniques.